Rosemary & Grace


My work and design style is how the name

Rosemary & Grace was created.


Rosemary started as an altar ego my family would call me when I  was being especially creative, or even extravagant.  This is the part of me that is completely inspired and fascinated by the world around me. I am constantly in the work to find new trends and ways to make projects feel unique and special.


The other side of my personality is extremely organized, driven, and competitive.  This is the side of me that sets goals and achieves them.- probably the reason I became a Division I athlete. The work I create for you will be executed on time and on budget. 


I pride myself in my ability to get the job done.


I created Rosemary & Grace as a resource for Interior Designers and Interior Design Firms to see my portfolio for Design freelance or Consultation work. As a 2020 graduate from University of Georgia, I have a very fresh and updated understanding of design technologies and softwares that are used by the worlds leading designers. Although I am a recent graduate from UGA, I have continued to take my education to the next level by taking graphic design courses at The New School as well as continuing to to work Part-Time as an intern throughout my college semesters and time off.


See below why Rosemary & Grace is your best option for freelance interior design work!


The marriage of these two aspects of my personality made me flourish when I was studying Interior Design at University of Georgia. I feel confident in the level of sophistication I produce in my work, as well as the level of creativity and uniqueness. 

My work shows that Interior design is my passion.

Want to see some of the Floor plans and 3D Renderings I have created?




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