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She is my biggest inspiration and also my biggest role model. My mother, Cathleen B. Carrington, is one of the most talented and exceptional designers I have ever seen. She has an incredible talent of combining traditional and antique furniture with contemporary pieces that make a space feel complete. Her work is timeless, clean, full, and complete. And has a special eye for accessories and art!

Cathleen B. Carrington

Veere Grenney is a UK based Interior Designer. His style is hard to define, which is why I enjoy his work! He is said to have 'mastered contrasts'- which is absolutely true. He creates a unique and beautiful balance through contrasting cool and warm, humble and grand, and traditional vs. modern.

He always catches me eye with his contrasting textures!


Veere Grenney

I had the awesome opportunity to intern at Mendelson Group Inc. this past summer. Not only is Gideon incredibly talented, he and his team provided the best overall experience I could have asked for. His style combines mid-century modern lines with pops of rich fun, color. And the best millwork design I've ever seen! 

Gideon mendelson

Since I am from Atlanta, Peter Block has always been one of my bigger inspirations; since I have grown up passing his houses, probably while sitting in traffic. His style is iconically timeless. Every project he does has a way of fitting their environment, yet his work stands out for their asymmetrical balance. He has truly mastered the art of transitional design.



Sophie Patterson is a UK based Interior Designer. Her style encompasses practicality and comfort with flawless sophistication. Sophie's projects have a chic but welcoming aura about them that makes you want to say 'when I grow up I want to live THERE'.